Dr. Megan Bloomer

Board Member

Dr. Megan Bloomer is the Vice President of Sustainability & CSR for The Cheesecake Factory Inc., and the Founder & CEO of RAMSHEAD Inc. As the Vice President of Sustainability & CSR, Megan creates and manages the strategic planning for all social justice and environmental stewardship endeavors for The Cheesecake Factory and its subsidiaries, both domestically and internationally. As the founder of RAMSHEAD Inc., a leadership consultancy that specializes in teaching and developing consent frameworks within corporate environments, Megan demonstrates how we violate consent every day on the smallest levels. She was awarded a 2019 Fortune Best Places to Work for All Leadership Award for Innovation.

Megan has a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies, a Masters in Environmental Policy and Management, a Masters of Business Administration with an emphasis in Sustainable Marketing, and Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Studies. As a queer woman, it is important to Megan to spend time mentoring and coaching LGBTQ youth and young adults in her community.