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My HFS Connection

My connection to adoption is lifelong. My older sister is adopted, and it was such a normal thing in our family’s life that as a child, I remember thinking every family must have an adopted child in it. After our first son was born, my husband and I worked with HFS to adopt our second son, who has grown into a wonderful, mature, kind, intelligent, athletic, empathetic 23-year-old young man. 

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Make a Gift of Stocks to HFS

Donating stock instead of cash can be a smart way to express your generosity this holiday season. You can donate long-term appreciated stock you’ve held for more than a year. Not only does your charity get to benefit from a valuable item, but you also get to claim the fair market value as an itemized…

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It’s a Team Effort: Creating Forever Families

Most of the adoption process is a private matter.  Adoptive parents make the choice to form a family through adoption, a birth parent makes the decision to choose adoption for their child, and the HFS social worker staff members shepherd everyone through a complex and exacting process. However, when it comes to the relinquishment and…

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How HFS goes above and beyond for our clients

Lisa Espericueta,  Leticia Lopez and Julie Brown There are several ways to adopt in California and adoption agencies play a pivotal role in this process no matter whether you adopt a relinquished infant or a child in foster care.  HFS, just like all adoption agencies, must follow rules and regulations set by California and the…

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