Our Mission

HFS strongly embraces the values of diversity & inclusion as we strive to provide caring, non-judgmental support for birth parents considering adoption, to unite children and infants in need of a home with hopeful adoptive parents, and to create strong, loving families of all shapes and sizes.

Welcome to HFS Adoption & Foster Care

Since 1949, HFS has been Southern California’s most experienced adoption resource, finalizing the most number of infant and child adoptions of any private adoption agency in California. State licensed, nationally accredited and recognized, HFS exclusively focuses on adoption and foster care services.

HFS delivers caring and personalized support for birth mothers considering the loving choice of adoption. We incorporate the values of diversity, inclusion, and equality to the couples and individuals we serve throughout the adoption process as they seek to build their forever family. We provide ongoing support services for our foster care resource families.

Thank you for considering HFS for your adoption or foster needs. Our agency will provide you the support and guidance you deserve throughout your process. We are here for you.


Julie Brown, M.S.W.
Executive Director

Our History

Founded in 1949, the agency has worked to fulfill the vision of founders Bob and Dolores Hope, who established Holy Family Services to help find permanent adoptive homes for orphaned and at risk youth, and for infant children whose mothers found themselves unable to care for them. In 2007, HFS became an institution of the Los Angeles Episcopal Diocese, under the leadership of the Right Reverend J. Jon Bruno.