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Celebrating Transitions at Our Adoption Agency: Welcoming New Faces and Embracing Returns

In the heart of HFS, transitions are not just moments of change but opportunities for growth and renewal. This season, we mark the retirement of our esteemed Clinical Social Worker, Leticia Lopez, LCSW, as well as the arrival of a new face in our team, Clinical Social Worker Xenia Valle, MSW. Additionally, we joyously welcome back Lisa Espericueta, MSW, from her maternity leave. These milestones are not just events; they embody the evolving spirit of compassion and dedication that defines our agency’s mission.

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Consider becoming a Foster Parent

There are approximately 60,000 children in California who are in foster care. Los Angeles County has the majority at 33,000, but Orange, San Bernardino, and Riverside are also seeing increases in their numbers now that children are back at school and interacting with mandated reporters daily.

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HFS Honored at the Los Angeles City Council

HFS was honored at a regular Tuesday meeting of the Los Angeles City Council on May 28th, in honor of HFS’s 75th Anniversary, which also coincided with National Foster Care Month.  Kevin De Leon, Council Member, 14th District, introduced HFS and gave a moving history of the agency, while a slide show of current and historical photos of the agency rotated on the Council screens.

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