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HFS Making Miracles Happen

In 1949, something magical took place in downtown Los Angeles.  A newborn baby was handed to a couple in a car – an “adoption” in the streets if you can imagine. The miracle was that Dr. George Piness of St. Anne’s Maternity Hospital, and Dolores Hope (yes, Bob’s wife) witnessed it, and felt there had to be a better way to facilitate an adoption. Together, they created the agency now known as HFS Adoption & Foster Care.

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Foster Parents Change Lives!

In the last 26 years, I have witnessed my share of policy changes and shifts in the dependency system, but one constant remains unchanged: the desperate need for foster homes. The sheer numbers are staggering and disheartening. In Los Angeles County alone, approximately 30,000 children are caught in the intricate web of the foster care…

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Trepp Family Adoption Journey: 50 Plus Years and Going Strong

After military service in Germany (1960–1963), I traveled from New York City to California with a stop in Chicago to visit relatives. It was while in Chicago that I met Marilyn, and three years later, in 1966, we were married in California in a non-denominational church, although Marilyn was Catholic and came from a large…

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