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Latest Updates

Adoption Story Update: Peter Dobbins

Peter Dobbins, featured in our 2021 Gratitude Report with his parents, is now a Junior at Pasadena High School.  Last fall, Peter participated in the school’s production of Dracula.

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Ways to Give to HFS

Thank you to The Rev. Rachael Nyback and her now husband Chad Druten (pictured with family and friends,) whose wedding took place on October 28 of this year.  Rachel and Chad designated HFS as one of their wedding gift beneficiaries.

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Episcopal Parishes asked to support HFS during Advent 2023

Thank you to Executive Director Julie Brown and her husband Peter, who tabled for HFS at the Episcopal Convention this year at the Riverside Convention Center on November 10th and 11th.  Thank, too, to board members John Thies, Marianne Wright and Joseph Zanetta, who also attended.

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