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Finalizing Adoption

Have you ever wondered what happens during the Adoption finalization process? For those of us that aren’t familiar, the finalization of a child’s adoption marks the finish line of the adoptive parent and child’s journey. When a court issues a decree of adoption, your relationship as parent and child are permanently and legally bound. Finalization…

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The Roy Emerson Adoption Guild Tennis Classic Benefits HFS Programs

The Adoption Guild of Southern California celebrated their 60th annual tournament at the Roy Emerson Adoption Guild Tennis Classic over the Memorial Day Weekend and raised over $30,000 for programs at HFS. This 5-day event was hosted by Palisades Tennis Club in Newport Beach, with play also held at the Newport Beach Tennis Club, Mesa…

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A Relinquishment Story

Hello, my name is Jay, and I have had the privilege of working for HFS for the last 7 months in my time with Holy Family Services as their Social Media Manager, I have learned an overwhelming amount of information regarding Foster Care and Adoption. So you can only imagine how moving it was when…

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