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Thank you to our 2022 National Adoption Month donors

November was National Adoption Month, and HFS marked this annual celebration with the publication of our annual Gratitude Report and end-of-the-year solicitation.  Thank you to board member Elaine Tumonis who wrote the compelling letter that accompanied the 6-page Gratitude Report (Fiscal Year 2021 – 2022 Annual Report) that went out to over 1,300 of our…

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Donor of the Month: Ken Robbins

Thank you to Ken Robbins, our “donor of the month.”  We’re highlighting Ken, not only for his generosity to HFS during our National Adoption Month campaign, but for his generosity in donating his time and expertise through Raymond James, a financial services firm.  Because of Ken’s efforts, supporters of HFS can now make a gift…

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My HFS Connection

My connection to adoption is lifelong. My older sister is adopted, and it was such a normal thing in our family’s life that as a child, I remember thinking every family must have an adopted child in it. After our first son was born, my husband and I worked with HFS to adopt our second son, who has grown into a wonderful, mature, kind, intelligent, athletic, empathetic 23-year-old young man. 

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It’s a Team Effort: Creating Forever Families

Most of the adoption process is a private matter.  Adoptive parents make the choice to form a family through adoption, a birth parent makes the decision to choose adoption for their child, and the HFS social worker staff members shepherd everyone through a complex and exacting process. However, when it comes to the relinquishment and…

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