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Your donation today—whether large or small—makes a difference! Donations made will help us support our birthmothers with counseling and support services; will help a child join a loving family through one of our foster care, or domestic infant adoption programs; and will help us assist adoptive families and adoptees through their lifelong journey. Thank you for your dedication to helping create families!


You can help support HFS as an individual or organization. Whether you are a Girl Scout troop, religious institution, civic organization, school or individual interested in raising funds for a birthday, anniversary or other celebration, we welcome your help.

Contact us to learn more about Fundraising


You can make a difference in children and families’ lives by volunteering with HFS. We rely on our wonderful volunteers to help with many aspects of our operations. If you have a heart for children and want to contribute your time and talents to expand our efforts, we invite you to join us as a volunteer! Contact us to inquire about volunteering for HFS

In-Kind Donations

Currently HFS is in need of the following items:

  • Newborn and preemie sized clothing
  • Gift cards to grocery stores for expectant mothers
  • Diapers (newborn and preemie size)
  • Wet wipes
Programs for Your Support

HFS is proud to provide many of our services free of charge to our clients with the wonderful support of our donors.  Here are some of the items that you can provide support for:

Nurse Care and Counseling Support ($100 and up)

Our nurse, Connie O’Neill, RN, has been serving our birth mothers and adoptive parents for over 20 years.  Connie specialized in pediatric care and uses her years of experience to provide in-home support for our new adoptive parents, including bathing, burping and baby massage.  For our birth mothers, especially first timers, Connie, as a certified doula, educates them on their body changes and on warning signs and labor techniques. Her services cost $100/hr which is all paid for through generous donations.  Consider donating an hour or even several to support our birth mothers and new parents.

Birth Mother Support ($50 and up)

At HFS, we have a birth parent fund that helps support our birth mothers financially while she is pregnant and recovering pospartum.  This fund pays for very specific, pregnancy related support (such as food, rent, utilities, clothing, medical costs and travel to appointments, social worker time with birth parents, and legal fees related to court termination of parental rights).  All of our adoptive parents pay into the fund, but donations support the fund to keep costs down for our families.

Outreach and Education Support ($50 and up)

Young women in an unplanned pregnancy, potential adoptive and foster parents, and medical professionals are often unaware of the resources and support services available to them and their clients. HFS’ Outreach and Education team connects with the community and builds relationships by sharing an informed, clear, meaningful message about the option of adoption and our lifelong services. Support our team with your donation of $50 or more to help provide out community with this important information.

Christmas Presents for our Foster Youth ($40 and up)

All children love the wonder and excitement of Christmas.  Help provide a special gift under the tree to one or several of our foster youth.  With your donation, our staff/volunteers, will select a personal gift for our children in care. Make a gift to support a particular HFS program that resonates with you by donating now

Legacy Gifts

What could be more joyful than leaving a legacy that perpetuates your values? Consider a legacy gift to HFS Adoption & Foster Care when you are evaluating your personal, family and financial needs as well as your long term charitable giving. Bequests, Beneficiary Designations, Life Insurance, Securities. Gifts both large and small are important. Take the time to consider your options carefully and plan your gift in consultation with family, lawyer or financial advisor. What legacy would you like to leave the world? Please contact us for more information.

Tribute Gifts

Tribute gifts are a meaningful way to honor a friend, colleague or loved one, while helping to continue the HFS mission. CELEBRATE a birthday or anniversary. HONOR a family members accomplishment! REMEMBER a loved one by making a donation in their memory. When you make a tribute gift, a personalized card will be sent to the person you wish to honor. In a memorial gift, the card is sent to the family of the individual being honored. This notification includes your name as the donor but does not include the amount of the gift. To make a Tribute Gift, please contact us.

Stock Gifts

Donating stock instead of cash can be a smart way to express your generosity. You can donate long-term appreciated stock you’ve held for more than a year. Not only does your charity get to benefit from a valuable item, but you also get to claim the fair market value as an itemized deduction and avoid paying the capital-gains tax that would result if you sold it and donated the cash. A simple, yet effective strategy.

To make a gift of stock, please contact your Financial Advisor and provide the following information for the receiving brokerage firm:

Ken Robbins 301 North Lake Avenue, Suite 1150 Pasadena, CA 91101-4115 Phone: 213.327.1059 Email:

DTC Clearing Number: 0725 FBO Holy Family Services Adoption & Foster Care Account number: 205D8542

While we are familiar with the tax provisions of the issues presented herein, as Financial Advisors we are not qualified to render advice on tax or legal matters. Raymond James does not provide tax or legal advice. Please consult your own legal or tax professional for more detailed information on tax issues and advice as they relate to your specific situation. This is not a recommendation to sell stock.”

Suggested Donation Levels

Love Grows Here Sponsor:  $5,000

Pays for rent for four birth mothers, 25 fully supplied diaper bag for birth mother who decides to parent or five months rent in our office in Orange County.

Circle of Hope Sponsor:  $2,500

Pays for 3 months of groceries for a birth mother or 10 trainings for hospital/clinic social workers & nurses.

Platinum Sponsor: $1,000

Pays for a year’s worth of foster orientations, monitor five post-adoption visits between birth parents and adoptive family or a month’s stipend to short-term foster parents to give birth mother time to think about parenting or adoption.

Gold Sponsor: $500

Pays for five car seats, 20 hours of birth parent counseling, four in-home nurse visits for new adoptive parents or 10 rides for birth mother’s prenatal doctor visits.

Associate Sponsor: $250

This is the group that started it all! The original core of support for HFS, started by Dolores Hope! Be part of this powerful legacy. Pays for six weeks of baby formula or 10 hours of post adoption counseling to birth parents.

To learn more and to make a donation, please contact us.

Our Supporters

HFS thanks our generous, long-time sponsors for their tireless support of Southern California’s children and families.

Thank you for your support!

Fiscal Year July 2021 through June 2022 *HFS Board Member   ** Monthly Donors

$50,000 +

The Adoption Guild of Southern California



Mozilo Family Foundation

Weingart Foundation

Marianne* & Matt Wright

$5,000 to $9,999

The Caiozzo Family Charitable Fund

IUOE Local Charitable Committee, Inc.

KLM Foundation

Lee Graff Foundation

Debora Presson & Brad Howard

Elaine Tumonis* & Edward DeLaRosa Charitable Fund

Joseph M Zanetta* Family Foundation


$1,949 to $4,999

The Bob & Carol Anderson Fund

Facebook Fundraisers

The Lawrence & Mary Kent Charitable Fund

The Rev. Guy Leemhuis*

Isabel & Richard Oxford

SaraJane & John Thies

$1,000 to $1,949

Dr. Susan & The Rt. Rev Franklin Brookhart

Carol & Brian Drake

Carol & Fred Gregory

Nan Heard & Paul Krogstad

The Rev. Kate Lewis & The Rev. Patricia Hendrickson**

Paula Kendrick*

Yayoi & Don Matsumiya

Mehl Family Trust

David Mozilo

Caroline & Charles Norman

Judy & Dick Rubin

Trecia & Kendall Simmonds

Ivana & Matthew Sumrow

Kathleen O’Connor & The Rt. Rev. John H. Taylor

The Church of the Epiphany, Oak Park


$500 to $999


Carolyn Barnes

Corinne Basgall & Steven Ramirez**

Irene & Fred Binggeli

The Rev. Nathan Biornstad* & Elroden Woo

Beth & Paul Cohen

Gerald Cunha Fund

Janet & Dr. Vincent Esposito

Susan Flynn

Lana & Peter Hassett

Mary & John Hatton

Cynthia & Bill Hsu

The Mendoza Family Giving Fund

Deborah Newquest & Joseph Dimento

Alison & Geoff Rusack

Irene & John Sharpe

St. Edmonds Episcopal Church, San Marino

The McGrath Family Fund

United Way of Greater Los Angeles

Jo-An & Eric Verstraete

Suzanne & Allan Wallander

$200 to $499

Susan & Michael Ables

Jannette Allen

Christina & Philip Bailey

Mary Bruno

Robert Casalegno

Julie & Ron Chase

Kenneth Chow

Bethanne Coffey

Diane & Tomothy Creyaufmiller

Gregory Dilger & Jeff Lawson

Brenda Dixon

Sharon Feigenbaum

Beatrice Floyd

Carri & Al Grindon

The Hauge Family Charitable Trust

Laura & Jeffrey Heimer

Emilie & John Higgins

Natalie Hoag**

Rosemary Humphrey

Nancy C. Kearney

Kelly & John Kelleher

Laurie & Thomas Kitchens

Douglas Macdonald

Eduardo Macias 

Juliet Marshall

Catherine & William Milne

Joanne & Jim Morse

Jeri Nelson

Laurel Parker & Paul Green**

Nancy & George Rothwell

Pam Selber

Laurie Sherwood

Rochelle & Lucas Silsbee

Jennifer & Anthony Stanley

Cynthia Sherman & John Stipanov

Jill & Daniel Tauber

Marilyn & Ronald Trepp

Valerie & Robert Weil