December 1, 2020

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HFS is a 501©3 nonprofit, Adoption and Foster Care Agency.  Since 1949, HFS has been Southern California’s most experienced adoption resource, finalizing the greatest number of infant and child adoptions of any private adoption agency in California. State licensed, nationally accredited and recognized, HFS exclusively focuses on adoption and foster care services.

For over 70 years, HFS Adoption & Foster Care has placed thousands of children in loving homes through our pillar programs:  infant adoption, fost-adoption, and foster care.  Embracing the values of diversity and inclusion, we have comprehensive programs for parents considering adoption, and families interested in adoption or foster care that includes orientation, application, training, home study, matching and placement and post-placement.  

How you can help

Donate to our cause, become a sponsor of one of our current initiatives, consider becoming a resource parent, be an HFS advocate, join our mailing list, subscribe to our Newsletter, or follow us on social media.

Your financial gift will help transform a child’s life and make it possible for them to become a part of a forever family. 

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Our New Initiatives

HFS Gives Back

HFS is celebrating the HEROES that help us create forever families.  Our objective is to show our appreciation to the nurses, doctors, hospital social workers and our alumni adoptive parents by giving them an Essential Protection Kit (EPK).  This initiative is driven by your donations of $350 and more, which will cover the cost of five EPKs.  Help us celebrate our HEROES!

Black Families Matter

Over 6,000 Black children are under the care of the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services.  Black children represent roughly 32 percent of the children in care while the Black population in Los Angeles country is roughly 10 percent.  HFS plans to recruit resource parents for Black children currently in the foster care system in Los Angeles and the other four counties we serve.  The Black Families Matter initiative will include targeted outreach programs and partnerships that will highlight this desperate need.  Your donations will assist HFS staff as they identify and support as many resource families as possible.   

Pregnancy Centers

This initiative will include targeted outreach to social workers and nurses in pregnancy centers in the five counties that HFS serves: Los Angeles, Orange, Ventura, Riverside and San Bernardino.  Your donations will help HFS will provide trainings to staff that covers adoption and birth parent rights basics, as well as sensitivity considerations about issues that can impact children and their adoptive and birth families. 

Matching Gifts

Did you know?  Your donation may be eligible for a Matching Gift!

Many employers offer a company match for donations to charitable organizations like HFS.  Some companies match double or triple the amount of your donation as no cost to you. 

Simply search for your employer’s name below to see if they offer a company match and follow the instructions provided.  If your employer’s name is not listed, contact your human resources representative to see if a company match is possible. 


Thank you for your support of HFS and making a difference in the lives of our HFS families and children in care.  

CARES Act Benefits for your HFS Donation
The CARES Act is making donating to charities more convenient and encouraged than ever! As part of the stimulus package set forth by the United States government, taxpayers who usually take the standard deduction now have an incentive to donate up to $300 “above the line” to a nonprofit organization, which is 100% tax-deductible on your 2020 tax return (filed in 2021). Donors who typically itemize their deductions can now deduct 100% of their donations from AGI (Adjusted Gross Income) rather than the previous limit of 60%. Whether you itemize your deductions or not, making a donation under this new Act to HFS, Adoption and Foster Care will help us support our staff helping to create forever families.