Greg & Ricardo

Greg grew up in Colorado and enjoys big city life. He is an HR professional and enjoys working with people every day. Greg’s interests include playing video games, puzzles, and anything Harry Potter.

Ricardo grew up in Mexico and is trilingual (Spanish, German, and English). He is an engineer and in his free time enjoys carpentry and DIY projects. Ricardo loves playing with kids, traveling, and spending time with family.

To Our Family Creator,

We first want to thank you for choosing adoption for your baby. We know this was not an easy decision to be made. We hope you are being loved and supported wherever you are in your journey.  We, among all adoptive parents, are grateful to be considered to parent your child.

Hello! Our names are Ricardo and Greg and we are so happy to meet you! We are a caring, fun and loving couple, who would love to share with you a little bit about ourselves (well, as much as we can on paper!).

Our relationship began about six years ago, it was love at first sight. Today, we live in a beautiful home in Pasadena, a cozy suburb of Los Angeles. It is warm, welcoming and our neighborhood is filled with families taking pets for walks and playing with their young children. We got married in 2019 and planned a big ceremony for the Spring, but due to COVID we postponed our special day. We are hoping to share our ceremony with our own child soon.

Ricardo was born and raised in Chihuahua, Mexico. He moved to Germany to pursue a master’s degree and lived there for a total of eight years. Ricardo is fluent in three languages and loves learning more about different cultures. Greg was born and raised in Denver, Colorado. Greg has picked up learning languages from Ricardo, and we can’t wait to teach our child the same.

Ricardo has a master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering, which is a very suiting study as he enjoys helping people. He works as an Engineer on radiation machines that treat cancer patients. He loves being able to make a difference and help improve someone else’s life. Other than work, Ricardo enjoys woodworking, being outdoors, traveling and playing Nintendo games. He is so excited to be able to have some competition in Mario Kart!

Greg has a bachelor’s degree in Communications, which is very fitting as he enjoys talking and working  with people. He works in the Human Resources field for a non-profit that gives kids a space to learn, play and create new things through online gaming. He loves being able to support a company that really values educating kids. Aside from work, Greg enjoys building puzzles, watching cartoons, photography, traveling and reading. He cannot wait to share his passion for Harry Potter with his child.

Family is everything to us! We both come from strong families and our parents are still together. Love is something we both learned from our parents; it is continuous, strong and always present. We both have an older brother and younger sister, and their families are slowly growing too. We want to become parents because we would like to share the love we have for each other as well as for our family.  We will make our family feel just as connected; so you can expect holidays, vacations and birthday parties to always be filled with family.

We are continuously trying to learn something new, not only from each other but also through trying new experiences. Ricardo has a unique capability of applying himself to learn new things (usually only by watching a YouTube video). He is currently really excited about small at-home renovation projects and interior design. Ricardo is looking forward to a few more hands to help. Greg loves to create the food in the house. He is usually challenging his skills at baking and trying to find that perfect sourdough recipe. Greg can’t wait to have taste-testers and cookie dough lovers.

Together, we know that we will be wonderful parents. We are never afraid to talk through our feelings and after any disagreement we turn our conversation into laughter or dance. Being a parent will bring difficulties but we have each other to make it memorable, joyful and a learning experience. We can’t wait to share our love and affection with a child!

We knew we were always meant to be adoptive parents. We are so grateful you would consider us to parent your child. We would love to be chosen, and we know that this is not our choice, but yours. Whomever you choose, you’re making an incredible decision and we want you to know we’re thankful for the opportunity.

With love and admiration,

Ricardo and Greg

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