Jeremiah & Sarah

We are Jeremiah and Sarah, two story-driven individuals who love Taco Tuesday! Our life and home are warm and welcoming, with just a dash of eclectic nerdy fun. We live in the San Fernando Valley with our fluffy cat River in a spacious modern 2-bedroom condo that features an open floor plan and big south-facing windows that allow in tons of natural light.

Jeremiah works at a major motion picture studio as a consumer products designer and has a knack for video games, puzzle-building, and cooking delicious meals (with a specialty in dessert baking). Sarah is an intimate wedding planner who enjoys garden walks, learning more about design aesthetics, and decorating for holidays.

From Sarah:

Jeremiah is a level-headed, encouraging, hard-working, and intelligent partner. His sense of humor is unparalleled and infectious, and when I’m with him I find myself remaining more present and enjoying the moment. I’ve seen him be a true leader and educator to young minds (he was a high school teacher for 13 years). His patience, determination, and ability to see and encourage another’s passions and talents helped to guide many of his students to pursue theatre and the arts after high school. And I know these traits will also make him a wonderful father to our children.

From Jeremiah:

Sarah is the kind of person you’re grateful to have in your life. She’s thoughtful, kind, and a true empath. She loves to host our friends for gatherings. She makes our home cozy and inviting for all. We have become the go-to couple to babysit for all of our friends who’ve recently had children. Sarah is such a natural, nurturing caregiver. Her attentiveness, patience, and ability to stay calm under pressure are just a few of the qualities that I admire. I know she will be an amazing mother to our own kids.

Dear Expectant Parent,

We know your time is precious, so we are grateful you would spend a few minutes learning about our lives and our dreams for our growing family.

Before getting married we both shared an openness to growing our future family through adoption. Jeremiah has family members who were adopted (within the family) and we both have friends who have adopted or are adoptees. To see this type of relationship thrive and strengthen these families has been a joyful reminder about the love of a family, and now we are ready to make this part of our story.

Sarah grew up in Northern California with a fun and vivacious family and we visit them throughout the year. Jeremiah was raised by his grandparents in Arizona. His high-spirited and loving blended family now lives throughout California.

We are grateful that our careers will provide us with the flexibility to be present at home with our children and spend time with them during crucial developmental years. Our hobbies take us to local gardens and beaches, Broadway performances, and trips to Disneyland to create magical memories. We love exploring all that California has to offer.

Stories are so life-giving to both of us. Whether we are watching plays/musicals, or we are enjoying the latest Pixar movie, we seek the experiences and stories that grow us and teach us more about the world around us. We are excited to begin writing this next chapter of our story as we grow our family and plan to introduce our children to some of our favorite stories through books, experiences, music, and art.

The opportunity to guide and shepherd a child would be an honor we’d fulfill with love, grace, support, and joy. Above all, we will share with them how much you love them!

with much gratitude,
Sarah & Jeremiah

Contact HFS if interested in the family by emailing or calling (800) 464-2367