Ozzie & Mireya

Ozzie is from California and enjoys his Job as an audio engineer he is very passionate of the different work he can get into with his carrier. Ozzie hubby includes fishing, disc golf, hiking and loves to travel.

Mireya is from California full time student and wants to major in special needs education is currently serving at her local church in the ministry of special needs for the pass eight years and really loves it. Mireya hobbies include scrapbooking, as well loves kickboxing, and loves reading lots of books.

Ozzie & Mireya have been married for 8 years.

Dear Birth Mother,

Thank you for choosing to read our profile through which we hope you will learn more about us and our journey to completing our family. We look forward to getting to know you more in the future. Decisions like these are difficult, yet we believe in our hearts that God will guide you to make the right one for yourself and your child. Our names are Ozzie and Mireya and we have been married for seven wonderful years. Sharing our faith in Christianity, we attend church on a weekly basis at Calvary Chapel where Mireya has been serving in the children’s ministry for the past 6 years and Ozzie has served in the multimedia ministry. Shortly after our wedding vows we purchased our family home. It has plenty of room for a child to play, learn and grow and the perfect bedroom for a child to call their own. Our neighbors are friendly, and our neighborhood is quiet, cozy and safe. Our neighborhood also has a great elementary school and a community park which hosts family-friendly events for every holiday.

Together we love to travel around the country and around the world. We are excited to share these experiences and places with a child and watch them grow and learn from other cultures. We live just a few cities away from each of our parents. Ozzie’s parents have been happily married for over 55 years, and Mireya’s parents have been happily married for over 35 years! We both grew up in happy homes with loving parents and siblings who we also share close bonds with. We like to spend holidays between both sides of our family, and we look forward to sharing the importance of family with our child.

Ozzie’s career is within the professional entertainment industry, more specifically working on television shows, award shows, professional sporting events, and the occasional movie set. He has worked hard to get where he is in his professional career which has provided financial stability for our family. Mireya’s background is in the customer service field, where she recently worked for Time Warner Cable for over 7 years. Mireya has since returned as a full time student to pursue a degree in American Sign Language where she would have the opportunity to help those in need. Together we’ve turned our house into a happy home, which we hope to share with a loving child.

Mireya has a passion for keeping a healthy lifestyle, preparing more home cooked meals (rather than eating out) and dedicating her free time to keeping fit through exercise. She enjoys learning new recipes for herself and for Ozzie. Mireya prides herself on keeping a tidy home, loves to watch Lifetime movies, and always finds time to bible study with Ozzie. When he’s not planning our next family getaway, Ozzie enjoys being a homebody where he spends time with Bailey and Leila our two doggy children. Ozzie also enjoys playing disc golf, catching the newest movies either in theaters or at home, and fellowshipping with our church family. Together we enjoy taking our dogs on walks in the neighborhood, going for hikes on nature trails, and attending all of our friends and families get togethers. From time to time we have also put together festive gatherings for our family and friends at home. Including a child into our lives to join us on these beautiful life journeys would be an absolute blessing!

A child in our home, in our lives, and part of our family would be loved for, provided for, and be given the opportunity to be the best human possible. We would like to thank you for reading this far, and we pray that you find peace in knowing your child will be in a loving home.


Ozzie and Mireya Garcia

Dear Child of Mine

We have been praying for you for what seems like a century, and we cannot wait for you to come home with us and meet our fur pets Leila our chocolate lab and Bailey our beagle. Our puppies are going to adore you as much as we will. We have longed for this journey of parenthood for so long it feels like a dream that is finally coming true. Although we don’t know who you are, or if you’ve even been born yet, we are anxious to meet you. We cannot wait to read bedtime stories to you and sing you lullaby songs while you lounge in our arms. By the way, your dad can play many instruments including the guitar, which is one of my favorites. Mommy and daddy will be here to comfort you when you’re restless, play with you every moment we have with you, and teach you to become the best version of yourself. One of our favorite things to do is travel, we are so excited that you’ll be joining us on these adventures, exploring new places and experiencing new cultures.

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